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How to Build Your Audience

A Lulu Marketing Guide

As you execute on your plan, you’ll likely find that some activities come naturally to you, while others are a bit more difficult. Don’t worry. The beauty of publishing your book with Lulu is that you also get access to resources, expert guidance and professional services to help you market your book. 
Book marketing is more like a marathon than a sprint. The key is to have a plan, stay focused, seek support and enjoy
the journey.


You’ve published your book, now let’s go find your readers. With the right kind of marketing and publicity, you have a better chance of getting your book into the hands of readers and building a loyal following for books you publish in the future.

Download this FREE marketing guide to learn about the 3 essential elements of a successful book marketing plan.
As with any good book, your book marketing plan should have a strong beginning, an engaging middle and a powerful end. Think about it in three phases:




Before you complete your manuscript

Once you complete your manuscript

After your book is available for sale


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